Hong Kong Toast

How to Make Hong Kong Style Toast

Hong Kong’s culinary tapestry is a vibrant mosaic of flavors, reflecting its rich history and cultural amalgamation. One such delightful creation that captures the essence of this gastronomic heritage is the Hong Kong style toast.

How to Make Hong Kong Style Toast

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Easy Hong Kong Toast


  • 8 Slices of White Bread

  • Peanut Butter

  • 2 Large Eggs

  • 30g – 1 oz – 2tbsp Milk 

  • 1 cup – 227g – 8oz cooking oil

  • 30g – 1 oz – 2tbsp Butter


  • Take 4 slices of white bread and spread peanut butter on 3 slices facing them inward- repeat with the other 4 slices
  • Remove the crusts from the two stacks of bread
  • Add the eggs and milk to a shallow bowl and mix well
  • Preheat a heavy pan with the cooking oil of choice, 180C – 350F
  • Cover all sides of the bread stacks in the egg mix, allow the egg to fully soak into the bread
  • Add soaked bread stack into the pan and fry until the side is golden brown, turn frequently
  • Remove from the pan and allow to drain on a wire rack or on paper towels – repeat with the other bread stack
  • Place on a plate and melt butter over the top
  • optional drizzle condensed milk over the top with the butter

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  • Don’t be afraid to experiment, add some jam/jelly Enjoy!
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 Simple yet profoundly satisfying, this toast is a beloved staple in ChaChaan Tengs (local Hong Kong cafés), evoking nostalgic memories and offering a taste of comfort.

What is Hong Kong Style Toast?

Historical Background

Hong Kong style toast traces its origins to the post-war era when Western influence began to permeate the local food scene. Adapted from British tea-time favorites, this toast has evolved into a uniquely Hong Kongese delicacy, blending Eastern and Western culinary traditions.

Cultural Significance

In Hong Kong, this toast is more than just a breakfast item; it is a symbol of the city’s adaptability and innovative spirit. Often enjoyed as a quick snack or a leisurely meal, it embodies the communal and fast-paced lifestyle of Hong Kong’s residents.

Ingredients Required

Primary Ingredients

To craft the quintessential Hong Kong style toast, you will need:

  • Thick slices of white bread
  • Condensed milk
  • Unsalted butter

Optional Add-Ons

For those who wish to experiment, consider these delightful add-ons:

  • Peanut butter
  • Coconut jam (kaya)
  • Fresh fruits like bananas or strawberries

Essential Kitchen Tools

Must-Have Utensils

Recommended Appliances

  • Toaster or griddle
  • Microwave or stovetop for melting butter

Preparing the Bread

Choosing the Right Bread

The foundation of a perfect Hong Kong style toast lies in selecting the right bread. Opt for thick-cut white bread, which provides the ideal texture—soft on the inside with a crisp exterior.

Cutting and Preparing the Slices

Slice the bread to about 1.5 to 2 centimeters thick. This thickness ensures a perfect balance between the crunchy outside and the tender inside.

Making the Condensed Milk Mixture

Ingredients for the Mixture

To create the luscious topping:

  • 2 tablespoons of condensed milk
  • 1 tablespoon of melted unsalted butter

Step-by-Step Preparation

In a small bowl, combine the condensed milk and melted butter. Mix until smooth and well-blended, creating a creamy, sweet mixture ready to elevate your toast.

Toasting the Bread

Traditional Methods

Traditionally, the bread is toasted on a griddle. Preheat the griddle to medium heat, and toast each slice until golden brown and crispy.

Modern Techniques

Alternatively, you can use a toaster. Set it to a medium-high setting, ensuring an even toast. Monitor closely to avoid burning.

Assembling the Toast

Applying the Condensed Milk Mixture

Once toasted, generously spread the condensed milk mixture over one side of each slice, ensuring it seeps into the nooks and crannies for maximum flavor.

Adding Butter and Other Toppings

Add a small pat of butter on top while the toast is still warm, allowing it to melt and mingle with the condensed milk. For extra indulgence, layer on optional toppings like peanut butter or coconut jam.

Variations of Hong Kong Style Toast

Sweet Variations

For those with a sweet tooth, consider adding a drizzle of honey or a sprinkle of powdered sugar. Fresh fruits can also complement the sweetness of the condensed milk.

Savory Twists

For a savory spin, you might try a light smear of cheese spread or even a dash of soy sauce, creating a harmonious balance between sweet and savory.

Serving Suggestions

Ideal Accompaniments

Hong Kong style toast pairs beautifully with a hot cup of Hong Kong milk tea or a robust coffee, enhancing the overall experience.

Presentation Tips

Serve the toast on a simple, elegant plate, perhaps garnished with a few slices of fresh fruit or a dollop of whipped cream for a visually appealing presentation.

Enjoying Hong Kong Style Toast

The Perfect Bite

Take a moment to savor the first bite, appreciating the symphony of textures and flavors—the crunch of the toast, the sweetness of the condensed milk, and the richness of the butter.

Pairing with Beverages

For a true Hong Kong café experience, enjoy your toast with a traditional beverage like yin-yang (a mix of coffee and tea) or a refreshing iced lemon tea.

And Finally

Hong Kong style toast is a delightful testament to the fusion of flavors and cultures. It is a simple yet decadent treat that captures the heart and soul of Hong Kong’s culinary landscape. Whether enjoyed as a quick snack or a leisurely indulgence, this toast invites you to experience a piece of Hong Kong’s rich and diverse food culture.

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